About Us

Suite Twelve is a independent fashion brand designed and built for a class of unique individuals. The origin of Suite Twelve is where the foundation of our brand began and still operated to this day. 200 N . Bowman Rd. Suite 12 is the original address of our founding partner, Rock City Kicks, a sneaker boutique location in Little Rock, AR. Since its beginning in 2008 RCK has expanded and now resides in Suite 12 & 13, but Suite 12 will always be the begging of history. Broderick Bozeman, the owner and lead designer of Suite Twelve was also CFO of Rock City Kicks. Here at Suite Twelve we aspire to redefine daily life by delivering premium, timeless products and ideas that transcend the realms of art and fashion. Our collection includes pieces that are utilitarian, yet refined; an orchestrated ensemble of premium cut & sew pieces, tees, outerwear and accessories. Suite XII is a company established around the principle of manufacturing goods that are classic, even timeless in their sensibility. Street with an air of sophistication. 




200 N. Bowman Rd. Suite 12

Little Rock, AR 72211